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If you are a reseller of cloud services and would like to sell Microsoft Cloud Services then partner with Liquid Telecom. Start generating revenue today and build a profitable cloud business with Liquid Telecom through our Cloud Partner Programme.

Let Liquid Telecom enable your cloud journey

When partnering with Liquid Telecom for your cloud reseller needs, you will gain access to a range of benefits. This includes exclusive reseller discounts, dedicated account managers, dedicated solution architects and in country monthly billing - so you can focus on your business and keep your customers happy.

It's all about flexibility, scalability and simplicity. Whether you are new to Microsoft or are looking to switch. Let Liquid Telecom enable your cloud solutions while you focus on delivering a full end-to-end solution to your customer. Liquid Telecom enable you to transact, pay and use our fully enabled cloud portal to commission and decommission services while keeping an eye on payments.

Partnering with Liquid Telecom

  • Dedicated cloud solution architect
    A solution architect who knows your circumstances, understands the market and has access to the latest products and innovation - all while knowing exactly what you want from our services and can go that extra mile when you need it.
  • Exclusive partner discounts and incentives
    Purchase licenses at an exclusive rate and maximise your sales profit. Tied in with incentives that we drive - ensuring you are get the most from your reseller agreement.
  • Marketing
    Engage with Liquid Telecom and drive unique campaigns and GTM’s to be unique and add value to your customer.
  • Migrations
    Move your services from another provider to Liquid Telecom and we will provide all the support you need.
  • In-country monthly billing
    One consolidated monthly bill for all your purchases, billed in your country.
  • Support
    Our team of experts and certified support engineers are always on-hand to help you provide support to your customers. These support services will be supported by our dedicated cloud support team that will concentrate on your specific reseller needs.
  • On the Liquid Telecom backbone
    Liquid Telecom will be able to utilise the largest pan-African fibre network to connect all your cloud services. Through the latest in product we will ensure your customer maximum up time and cost efficiency.
  • Built-in security
    Compliance and privacy controls helps keep your data safe all the time for you and your customer.

Transact on the Liquid Cloud Portal

We give you the ability to provision the most popular Microsoft services through our cloud portal. Manage your cloud services through simple and automated systems. We provide a store front for you to interact on, which is built to make business for our cloud partners easy and transparent while maximising profit.